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Development path

Further development
Development preparation
New horizon
Break the Cocoon into a Butterfly
Innovation & Development
Promote strategy implementation
Difficult Venture

Further development

March 2019 Aeonmed products was included in the Catalogue of excellent medical equipment domestic in China released by China association of medical equipment.
July 2019, the national standard of digital OR was drafted by Aeonmed.
August 2019 The medical team on the Zhi-8G helicopter equipped with Shangrila510S emergency transport ventilator rescued the Chinese compatriots who were injured in the traffic accident in Laos.
October 2019, Aeonmed acquired Heyer medical AG.
January 2020, Aeonmed ventilators play an important role in fighting with COVID-19.

Development preparation

March 2016 Aeonmed established a branch in Germany.
June 2016 Aeonmed launched the homecare products.
July 2017 7 models of Aeonmed products were included in the Catalogue of excellent domestic medical equipment released by China association of medical equipment.
August 2017 Aeonmed product equipped on our first overseas support base—PLA Support Base in Djibouti.
December 2018 innovation began from a new headquarter in Beijing.

New horizon

June 2013 Aeonmed ICU ventilators approved by FDA.
August 2013 approved by CNAS lab, Aeonmed was ready to step into North America Market.
May 2014 Aeonmed science park was established.
May 2014 Aeonmed high-end anesthesia work station was approved by FDA.
February 2015 Aeonmed high-end anesthesia work station AG50 equipped on the “Peace Ark” hospital ship of PLA.
April 2015 Aeonmed ventilator participated in the rescue of Nepal earthquake.

Break the Cocoon into a Butterfly

February 2010 Reshaped the corporate culture and established the brand mission“Guard life sincerely” and the brand promise“Reliable product, thoughtful service”.
April 2010 50,000㎡ Aeonmed Science Park was established.
May 2010 Acquired Oricare Inc., and established a R&D center in north America.
September 2011 Aeonmed won a 42 sets of celling pendant tender project of Peking Union Medical College Hospital when competed with many other international well-known brands.

Innovation & Development

January 2007 Began new business of ceiling pendant.
March 2008 Established a branch company, Hunan Aeonmed Co., Ltd, entered the field of hospital purification engineering and gas installation engineering.
May 2008 Responsible for 66% of ventilator orders of the National Emergency Disaster Relief Reserve Project of the National Development and Reform Commission, almost one thousand ventilators were delivered to earthquake area Wenchuan for saving lives.
May 2008 Anesthesia machine entered the U.S. market.
July 2008 Established a subsidiary in Shanghai and entered the field of surgical light and surgical table.
July 2008 Aeonmed Anesthesiology Museum was officially opened.
August 2008 Shangrila510 was the only appointed emergency ventilator in Beijing Olympic Games.
March 2009 Establish Clinical R&D center jointly with 301 hospital, a top three hospital in China.

Promote strategy implementation

January 2004 Implement the strategy of "standardization, professionalization, specialization, and internationalization".
November 2004 First attended MEDICA in Germany which marked a journey towards internationalization.
January 2005 Customer magazine: Voice of Aeonmed launched.
May 2005 Aeon7400A Anesthesia Workstation was approved by CE certificate. It became the first product of Aeonmed to obtain CE certificate.
October 2006 Renamed to Beijing Aeonmed Co., Ltd.

Difficult Venture

February 2001 Aeonmed was established
July 2002 Approved by ISO9001/13485.
May 2003 Aeonmed donated lots of ventilators and anesthesia machines for fighting against SARS.
October 2003 Anesthesia machines were installed by The Department of Health of Central Military Commission General Logistics Department comprehensively.
December 2003 Ventilators nominated by “National Medical Treatment Plan”.